Week 6

21 Fellows, ranging from 15 to 24 years old across 9 Chicago neighborhoods have completed 6 weeks of SEARCH. Fellows had the opportunity to explore their individual and collective identity, through art, movement and circles, as a way of healing. These fundamental skills have not only enhanced Fellows self- awareness, but also a connection to their communities.

  1. Looking back at your time at SEARCH, what memories and moments stand out to you?
  2. Looking back at your experiences in our Racial Healing Circles, what did you think of the circles? What impact did they make on you or your SEARCH community?
  3. What will you take into the school year/future endeavors from our time at SEARCH?

In our close-out fellows were asked to describe SEARCH in one word:

SEARCH Art Exhibition

The art exhibition was curated to provide external audiences a comprehensive look into our 6 weeks together. Every room in the exhibition had a specific theme based on topics that were presented within the program.

You can Listen to some of the I AM POEMS by Clicking Here

Room 2: Artivism

End of Program Reflection from Youth Participants

This week we sent out an end-of-the-summer survey to all youth participants. These were some of the questions asked:

  1. What is the most important thing you learned in your program this summer?



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